You greet me at the door after a long day. You look at me with those loving eyes and brush yourself along my legs, welcoming me home; my precious little kitties. Cats are perfect in every way, except that their pee and sh!t stinks! How can such crap come out of such a perfect creature!

Natural White Clumping Litter

Easy as 1-2-3!

Your cats go…
(Great For Multi-Cats)

We instantly clump the nasty & eliminate odours.

You scoop your way to freshness!

Absorbs Up To 4X Its Volume.

Provides 24/7 Freshness with Natural Odour Eliminators.

Does not contain any harmful chemical agents found in some "technical" litters.

Perfect for regular and self-cleaning litter boxes.

Natural white bentonite absorbs instantly, producing super hard clumps.

Ideal for multiple cat homes. Lasts longer than conventional litter.

Available in Jasmine and
Eve’s Garden Natural Scents


Fill litter box with 5 to 7 cm of litter and always refill to maintain level.
Scoop daily for best results.

When switching to Sandboxx, remember to make a gradual transition. Start by adding Sandboxx to the bottom of the litter box and topping it off with the existing litter. Slowly decrease the amount of existing litter and increase Sandboxx every time you add litter.

Our Customers

Finally, a litter that doesn’t fall apart when I scoop. Rock hard clumps. I am done in no time. It is perfect for my two fur queens. 5 stars!

Patrick W.

Fred & Wilma approve. Normally I hold my breath to clean the litter box, but there is no stank! And Fred & Wilma are very picky with their litter. I learned that the hard way when I tried a cheap litter with a horrible perfume smell. They ended up peeing in my closet out of protest. No more worries with Sandboxx.
Victoria D.

I love this litter. It makes scooping easier and it traps the odor. And I love the fact that it is natural. I don’t want any chemicals on my Bobo’s paws.
Nicole A.

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